1/2 Barrel of Kombucha - Minnesota Kombucha

  • $290.00


Kombucha keg rentals. Kombucha kegs are the perfect non-alcoholic beverage for weddings, graduations, or your next party. Do you have a kegerator at home? Enjoy fresh Minnesota kombucha on tap.

A signed keg rental agreement is required to rent a kombucha keg. Pick up, or delivery available within 10 miles of our facility (see our shipping policy). Please contact us with any questions. For wholesale kombucha orders in Minnesota, contact Hohenstein's p: 651-735-4978 |

1/2 barrel ≈ 15.5 gallons ≈ 124 pints ≈ 165 12oz cans (Full Size Kombucha Keg, Sankey Connection)